Simply Scheme

This is where I collect links related to my Simply Scheme learning project. This project is ongoing.

In addition to links to my own posts and Github, below you’ll also find links to other people’s Simply Scheme blogs and Github repositories. I frequently referred to some of these, particularly Anne B’s and Andrew Buntine’s. Note that the code linked may contain errors and you should check that stuff works yourself.

My Simply Scheme Posts & Github

Github link

Other People’s Simply Scheme Github Repositories or Blogs

For what it’s worth, I’ve found Andrew Buntine’s and Anne B’s the most useful overall.

Andrew Buntine’s Github – Covers through Chapter 23.

Anne B’s Blog Posts – Through Chapter 15.

Meng Zhang’s Github – Whole book.

Theofanis Despoudis’s Github – Note that he refers to the book’s sections as “Chapters” and this is somewhat confusing. He also doesn’t number the exercises separately. Nonetheless, it looks like he may have done most/all of the book.

Patrick Ong’s Github – Most chapters through Chapter 20.

Eric MacAdie’s Github – Through Chapter 15.

Britteny Ten Cate’s Blog Posts – Various chapters, haven’t looked carefully.