Attempt to list some example second-handed thoughts

An attempt to list some example second-handed thoughts. These thoughts wouldn’t necessarily be second-handed in all contexts, but I think they would be in many. Criticisms or additional examples welcome in comments.

  1. I should keep the beard, even though it’s annoying, cuz it looks good.
  2. Would my coworkers judge me if I go to McDonald’s for lunch again?
  3. Should I buy some new shoes to up my style game?
  4. What’s the most prestigious college I can get into?
  5. What will my friends think of this girl I’m dating?
  6. Would I look better with longer hair?
  7. What would be a cute family Christmas card photo?
  8. Is this building an appropriate place to live for someone in my social position?
  9. Do my glasses look dorky?
  10. Are MMOs a nerdy hobby?
  11. That girl is so fat I’d be embarrassed to be seen with her.
  12. Is that restaurant nice enough to take someone on a date to? Is it too nice?
  13. I’m embarrassed about my career trajectory. Everybody else is doing so well.
  14. This work project is a total disaster. How can I come out of it looking good anyways?
  15. Is this car appropriate for someone in my social position?
  16. I should stop reading comic books, even though I like them. It’s too childish a hobby for me.
  17. That person’s clothes are ridiculously out of style, lol.
  18. Will my friends think the lighting on my computer case looks cool?
  19. I should hide my political opinions, even though I think they’re really important, so people don’t get mad at me.
  20. How can that person be so sure of their opinion, when all the experts say otherwise? Who do they think they are?
  21. Could I bring this girl I’m dating to work events?
  22. I’d never shop at Walmart – what if somebody saw me there?
  23. The boss likes Joe Candidate; I should casually say something positive about Joe even though I’m not voting for him.
  24. I should go to the party even though I don’t want to; I wouldn’t want to give offense to my friend.
  25. I’m so glad I got the award and not Shlinker. Fuck Shlinker.

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