Criticism of K.Flay’s “Blood in the Cut”

I made a video criticizing the music video/lyrics for the song “Blood in the Cut” by K.Flay

A computer-generated transcript of the video is available

I intend to post computer-generated transcripts of all my videos as policy.

Since the earlier video I made criticizing a music video (for “I Gotta Feeling”), I have made the following improvements:

Used bigger font for lyrics
Used big YouTube player
Used automated silence removal (with the Reaper audio-editing app)
Used Screenflow’s background noise filter

I used the transcripts of my recent videos (and a Ruby script) to generate some statistics regarding my use of filler words and phrases such as “um” or “or whatever.”

Unfortunately, seems bad at transcribing my “um’s.” Also, the word “like” can be used legitimately, so it’s not always necessarily a verbal pause.

Nonetheless, I got some interesting information:

For the “I Gotta Feeling” video:

“you know” appears 28 times
“um” appears 2 times
“uh” appears 0 times
“like” appears 21 times
“kind of” appears 5 times
“kinda” appears 0 times
“sorta” appears 0 times
“or something” appears 2 times
“or whatever” appears 10 times

For the K.Flay video:

“you know” appears 10 times
“um” appears 3 times
“uh” appears 0 times
“like” appears 20 times
“kind of” appears 9 times
“kinda” appears 0 times
“sorta” appears 0 times
“or something” appears 3 times
“or whatever” appears 1 times

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