Don’t Coerce Kids Into Reading Ayn Rand

The Ayn Rand Institute brags on Facebook:

for a different perspective check out this thread:

the creator of this thread titled it “lol my hs AP english teacher was a fucking nut” and wrote:

he had us reading Ann Rand, talking about how great that shit was. lol.

and someone replied

LOL, same at my high school. We actually had a student teacher doing her pre-service credit hours observing our main English teacher, she was given lecturing duties and she assigned us “Anthem”. Garbage.

Don’t coerce kids into reading Ayn Rand. Children should be persuaded, not forced, into reading stuff.

Objectivists, more than other people, should understand that you can’t force a mind. And yes, taking advantage of pre-existing coercive institutions counts.

It is perverse that ARI spends resources on and celebrates this kind of stuff.

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